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Learn more about Derek and the training and experiences his work is rooted in.

What I’m About

My Story

Simultaneously called ever more deeply into the Great Mystery, I am asked again and again to root more deeply into this world of blood and bone, water, stone, and earth—stretched further and further at the crossroads.

My whole life I have felt deeply. It has been through that felt sense that I have always been close to the unseen elements of the world. As a child, I lived within an intuitive knowing of the, often unrecognized, intelligence of the world around me. I was witness to the Other. Over time, I have learned to listen to this gift and use it as a guiding compass in my life. My journey to use my gifts of witnessing the Other in service of other humans ignited in earnest with a spontaneous eruption of kundalini that erased any lingering cultural doubts as to the existence of a world beyond the physical senses.

In the decade plus following this experience I would go on to train and practice in yoga instruction, massage therapy, energy medicine, somatic-emotional clearing and inner child work, and three multi-year “shamanic healing” and spirit-work trainings, as well as studying with root workers, indigenous healers and ritualists from around the world. I would have interactions with spirit allies, ancestors and deities that would dramatically alter my life and how I walk through the world. I would also come to learn of the practicing West African spiritualists that had been hidden within my bloodline, and develop more conscious relationships with these ancestors and our inheritance.

I am constantly honing these skills and seeking to deepen my connection to the unseen world. I aim to facilitate healing on as many levels and from as many perspectives as possible. If you are interested in working with me please reach out.

A watery depth of connectionwith a fiery heart and mind. 

With every initiation I renew my devotion to both seen and unseen, I step more fully into life. 

With each step on the path, I show up with my whole heart.

I am here.

I see you.

What is needed now… What is needed now?
I am here.

The Inspiration for this work

My Guiding Commitments

The following commitments reflect my inspiration for offering this work in the world. These commitments are what guide me and my work.

Through my work and services, I am committed to:

  • Promoting empowerment, clarity, centering and grounding in my clients
  • Supporting the prevalence of Justice in the world
  • Supporting my clients in deepening connection and intimacy with self and others
  • Supporting clients in becoming more functional in the world from a place of authenticity and sovereignty
  • Supporting and facilitating the expression of my clients gifts and medicine in the world
  • Serving clients in a way that promotes the achievement of their unique and highest potential in this life
  • Promoting peace and fulfillment in the lives of my clients as well as myself
  • Not taking power from my clients and not giving mine away

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