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What to expect from a session with Derek.


The Art I Aspire To

A watery depth of connection with a fiery heart and mind. 

With every initiation I renew my devotion to both seen and unseen, I step more fully into life. 

With each step on the path, I show up with my whole heart.

I am here.

I see you.

What is needed now… What is needed now?
I am here.

I consider myself to be an artist. As such I consider whomever I am serving to be my patron. May my art inspire and nourish your being as music, rhythmically, melodically and subtly dancing and encouraging your spirit toward alignment with your true divine essential nature. This is the meaning of SpiritSong. My art, aspiration and practice is to embody this meaning that it may serve.


The Work I Offer

1 hr Energy Work Session


I combine the many energywork modalities I have studied over the years into a session that is focused less on conscious processing of experience and more on the somatic and internal experience. In this work I interact directly with the etheric/pranic layers of the energy body to increase health, restore flow, and to balance the body’s energetic currents. This work can be done in person or at a distance.

1 hr Body Deva (Guided Self-Inquirey) Session


Sometimes we need someone to help us process or integrate our experiences. We may recognize repeating patterns in our life that we wish to understand, interupt, heal and integrate. This method helps us directly experience the root of an issue. This type of work can also be supportive in integrating other healing work as it directly addresses how more transpersonal issues like ancestral wounds have played out in our individual life. For reference, this work often looks similar to how many might have experienced internal family systems therapy, but with a more transpersonal lense.

Candle Working


If you have a specific issue or concern, I can dress and fix a candle and petition and burn it on an appropriate spirit altar to address your concern. I will send you a picture of the ritual and send it to you afterward along with any message that may come through during the ritual.

Spiritual Consultation


If you  would like me to consult the spirits and allies that walk with me on your behalf regarding an issue or circumstance you are looking to resolve, this is for you.

30 Minute Consult


If you want to have a discussion about spiritual or energetic circumstances in your life, hear some feedback and general recommendations, this is for you. I can offer suggestions on how you can move forward with your situation on your own or we can decide if you would like me to move ahead with spiritual work on your behalf.

10 Minute Consultation


This is essentially a meet and greet. If you want to have a brief chat to see if I am the practitioner for you or ask some questions about the my work. This is for you.

Ethics and Session Flow

What to Expect

The following commitments are additions to my guiding commitments which can be found on the about page here

Through my work and services, I commit:

  • To gaining an understanding of what it is that you are coming to me for and proceeding with this as guidance.
    • This may mean working together to really hone in on the intention for the session if there is any lack of clarity about it.
    • This means that we are in agreement about what the goal of the work is. If this changes during the course of the work (this can sometimes happen as more is reveled about a situation), I will discuss this with you and we will again come to agreement about the work we are undertaking before moving forward.
  • To relay faithfully what it is that divination conveys is mine to offer to support your situation.
    • I do not know and cannot do or see everything. I will tell you what I can do and what I can see about your situation.
    • This also means that I am not editing what comes to me from Spirit. If I have input that comes from my personal experience that I feel may apply to your situation, I will be clear about the difference
  • To explain what each of our roles are in following the guidance I have been offered.
  • To answer any questions about that guidance and what it might mean our session looks like.
  • To receive your consent to take action on any guidance I have received on your behalf
  • To follow the steps previously conveyed, deviating only with explanation and further consent.
  • To meet you where you are at, receiving what is shared with me in confidence and without judgment.
    • We are all on unique paths through this life that require deep honesty with ourselves about our experiences and about how they shape us. We must be able to see the beauty in who we are in order to grow into it. This means that I must model acceptance, thereby reflecting this unique beauty back to those it belongs to. I am committed to doing this.
    • This also applies to what I may be shown in divination about the subject at hand.
  • To maintain confidentiality of all that occurs during our session without expressed and explicit permission to do otherwise for a specific reason (such as referring you to another practitioner).
  • To notify you a week in advance if I need to reschedule our session from my end.
    • Emergencies do occasionally arise and in such a case, I will notify you as soon as I am aware that our session will not be able to occur at the agreed upon time. In this case I will reach out to reschedule as soon as possible.

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